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Buying things in Portugal

Property: a house or terrain

Did you know that in Portugal you can buy a house or terrain without a real-estate manager?
Probably the majority of these properties in the Beira Baixa are not to be found on the internet, because many people do not want to work with real estate managers.
To find these properties, you need to go to Portugal and ask around, you can also browse the web (like social media) for groups from that area and ask about it.

A car

Many websites in Portugal offer cars, but beware: there can be fines that still have to be paid and you get them with the car that you buy, mostly unknown.
Do not do the process yourself, go with the seller to a sollicitadora, you are the buyer and you decide how the process goes.
The sollicitadora will check everything, like these possibly open fines and other things and you get the car registered on your name straight away for about 65-80 euros.

Groceries and other goods

Somewhat the same as in every country with one difference: you can buy these goods and groceries with your tax number (numéro de contribuinte) which will give you an income-tax reduction of max. 250 euros per year per category and there are about 8 categories.


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